Cory Monteith

Sunday morning I woke up, checked my phone, checking if anything interesting had happened on facebook. The first thing Im hit with is the death of Cory. Cory was one of the leading males in one of my all time favorite TV shows, Someone who I had spent so much of my time watching, that I felt like I knew him. 

Automatically I think ‘surely this is just one of them internet rumors’ But no its true.

Im not one of those fan girls who makes their lives all about their favorite actors day to day lives, or someone who is completely obsessed with actors (maybe besides Matthew Grey Gubler) But Cory dying has hit me, really hard.

I try not to think about it because everytime i do, its like a wave of crashing emotion and I don’t really know what to do with it.

He was 31 years of age, and was inside and out a truly decent person, There are awful people, doing awful things in this world everyday, yet they get to live another day when Corys life has just ended?

I don’t think their is any justice in this world at all. Cory suffered with alcohol problems and drug problems for most of his life, which in the end apparently killed him. Why? Why did this amazing person, who inspired people everyday, have to suffer like that? Why couldn’t he just live a healthy happy life, grow old with the love of his life, and die a death justified for such an amazing person.

Glee is one out of two programs which effortlessly makes me cry, it just gets to all the emotion i have to bottle up day in day out, and makes it flow out of me. I just can’t imagine there being a glee without him.

I really don’t handle death very well at all, I lost my mum ten years ago, and there’s still days that i wake up and think shes going to be there. And Im doing the same now with Cory.

Even though I never met him, and He didn’t know I even exist, Im so devastated hes gone, Im gutted for everyone who did know him, who loved him, who no longer have him in their lives. Im so sorry for there loss, im sorry for his parents, his family, for lea! Im sorry for the cast of glee, Im sorry for his fans. Im just so sad at this waste of an amazing life.

Rest in peace Cory! you had 31 years on this earth, in which you inspired people all over the world to follow their dreams. I know I’ll never forget you. ❤


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